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Næsbyholm Castle - a part of the Danish history since 1585...

Næsbyholm Castle is dated back to the year 1585 and was build by Steen Brahe and Birgitte Rosenkrantz. But they only stayed there for a few years, since Birgitte Rosenkrantz died very young, and Steen Brahe choose to leave the Renaissance castle.

In 1709 the Castle was purchased by King Frederik IV. The King joined Næsbyholm Castle & Bavelse Mansion. The King's mistress Charlotte Helene Von Schindel moves into Næsbyholm Castle, but after a few years she finds herself a local lover. When the King finds out, she and her lover was banished, to live the rest of her life in Germany, and was told never to set food in Denmark again. It is said, however, that she have returned to the castle after her death, and can sometimes be seen at night in search of her King.

The last of the Holck family on Næsbyholm Castle Baron and baroness Eiler and Jessy Holck. Previously Næsbyholm Castle was the Holcks summer residence when they were not on Holckenhavn Castle on Fyn. The castle is partially burned down in, respectively, 1932 and 1947 and both times rebuilt in the original style.

Næsbyholm Castle is now owned by Baron Mogens Holck, who lives on Bavelse Mansion, which is his childhood home. Næsbyholm Castle is managed by Morten Lund and Christel Winther.

Name of the venue
: Naesbyholm Castle

Type: Renaissance Castle

From: 1585

Surroundings: Park, Forrest, fields & Lake

Ceremony Max Seated: In 50 - Out 130

Reception Max Seated: In 130 - Out 130

Beds: 70

Keywords: Castle, Garden, country side

-Classic Wedding Location-

Main Picture - Fotograf: Sandra Åberg

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